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The Kung fu Federation of India is a national governing body of the Sports Kung Fu and Tai Chi organizations in India, properly affiliated with International Kung fu Federation since 2004 as well as Asian Kung Fu Federation. The purpose of organizing a national governing body for Kung Fu and Tai Chi is to propagate nationwide traditional Kung Fu tenets and spirit. The KFI promotes the traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi countrywide as a unique team with unique rules and seeks to join the National & Olympic Games. The KFI seeks a unity, where all traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi styles are free from any form of prejudice. The KFI observes the Olympic Movement Anti-Doping Code (“OMADC”) as prescribed by the IOC and other anti-doping codes relevant in preserving the intrinsic value of the spirit of sport.
The Federation successfully hosted 5 National Kung fu & Tai chi Championship during 2006 -2010. The Indian Kung fu Team regularly took part in World Kung Fu championships
Indian Kung Fu Team for 2011 World Kung Fu Championship
Ankit Pawar Bidyut Bikash Bora Dharmeshwor Haloi Indira Das Mohan Chetry Narender Sharma Pankaj Das Parul Bora Siddhartha Shukla Babul Das The following sixteen members National Kung Fu Team of Kung Fu Federation of India is ready to take part in 2011 World Kung Fu Championship - 7th - 10th September, Kuwait. Players - Mr. Ankit Pawar, Mr. Bidyut Bikash Bora, Mr. Dharmeshwor Haloi, Miss. Indira Das, Mr. Mohan Chetry, Mr. Narender Sharma, Mr. Pankaj Das, Mr. Parul Bora, Mr. Siddhartha Shukla, Mr. Babul Das. Coach - Mr. Binod Yadav, Mr. Gome Thapa. Judge - Mr. B. Ravindra Kumar, Mr. Gyan Prakash Tripathi. Leader - Mrs. Manju Managar - Mr. Dilip Das

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Kung Fu Light

Tuei Shu

Tai Chi

Tao Lu
11 members Indian Kung Fu team won 2 silver & 5 bronze medals in 2010 World Kung Fu Championship, Turkey.

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